284th Glasgow Company

The Boys’ Brigade

Barlanark-Greyfriars Parish Church

The  284th Glasgow Company is part of the Youthwork  of

Barlanark Greyfriars Church of Scotland

365 Hallhill Road


G33 4RY

We have 3 Age Groups  sections in our company

Anchors                      Primary 1, 2, 3

Juniors                        Primary 4,5,6

Company/Seniors       P7 to S6


Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the type of activites and their times/dates vary so

please contact us for details.

Contact Us

Write to the Captain , Mr Daniel Sheppard at the church address

365 Hallhill Road,Glasgow, G33 4RY or

E-Mail us on enquiries@bb.barlanark-greyfriars.co.uk

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