284th Glasgow Company

The Boys’ Brigade

Barlanark-Greyfriars Parish Church

The Junior Section  is the part of the company  for boys in  Primary 4, 5 or 6

Junior Boys wear a uniform that consists of a Royal Blue  Sweatshirt and Blue Polo Shirt.

In The Boys’ Brigade, the Junior Section was previously known as “The Lifeboys”

and before that “The Boy Reserves”. This session we have been celebrating the 100th Birthday of the Junior Section. Before Sept 1917 , the Boys’ Brigade was only for boys aged 12 to 18 years old. The Boy Reserves was started for boys aged 9 to 11. In 1926 , we became the LifeBoys , then in 1966 the Junior Section of the Boys’ Brigade.

This year each Junior Section was set 100 challenges to complete and we managed to complete 43 of the challenges . We have also just submitted our entry for the Junior Section International Team Games , an international BB team games challenge.

Our Juniors meet in the church hall on a Monday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm

Activities include :  Team Games

                                Arts and Crafts

                                Figure  Marching

                                Sports eg Football , Basketball,Unihoc,Volleyball

The Junior Section use the BB Achievement Scheme.

Each week the boys are given an activity to do from one of

5 headings

- Body (Sports)

- Community

- Creativity  (Arts & Crafts)

- Mind (Puzzles , Challenges)

- Spiritual.

Badges are awarded once boys have completed the required number of activities.

Junior Section